DreamStation BiPAP Pro

A DreamStation bi-level option. Therapy for your noncompliant, nontolerant CPAP patients. Philips Respironics revolutionised sleep therapy by introducing bi-level positive airway pressure technology to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Emulating natural breathing with pressure relief at inhalation and exhalation, this proven technology does more than provide highly effective therapy – it delivers a level of comfort that can mean the difference between compliance and noncompliance for patients having difficulty adapting to traditional CPAP therapy.

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  • Fixed BiPAP and fixed CPAP therapy modes
  • Fixed pressure support (PS)
  • Bi-Flex Comfort, C-Flex and C-Flex+
  • Advanced respiratory event detection*
  • Smart Ramp: up to 45 min
  • Mask fit check
  • On-board memory
  • Detailed compliance report
  • Oximetry module (optional) to monitor therapy efficacy