Dorma 200 CPAP

Dorma 200 is an affordable fixed pressure CPAP device with proven Philips quality. The system features quiet operation, automatic altitude compensation, and optional humidifier/SD card. With its cost-effective design, the Dorma 200 offers a practical approach to sleep therapy.

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  • The Dorma 200 onboard display shows 7 & 30 day averages as well as total therapy hours
  • An optional humidifier and removable smart card offer extended capabilities
  • Easy to operate, and easy to maintain
  • Built to the toughest Philips standards
  • Dorma 200 is compatible with our Encore patient data management software to make it easy and efficient for sleep and respiratory professionals to manage patient therapy.
  • Bold, graphic display icons provide easy-to-understand operational control. The universality of this icon-based interface helps assure access for broad acceptance and compliance.



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