Creating a balanced healthcare ecosystem.

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Airo Health Care is an independent company focused on best-in-class diagnostics and patient support for the out-of-hospital market.

We believe the traditional healthcare model is inflexible, ineffective, inaccessible, impersonal and expensive. That is why we offer advanced Clinical Monitoring and Analytics solutions, for use in your and your patients’ homes, as part of an Integrated Healthcare System.

Our mission is to realise a balanced healthcare ecosystem, with personalised care for every patient.


AIRO fully recognises the necessity to redress the inequality in our society and, in particular, the healthcare system. Our solutions allow us to empower healthcare professionals working in both the out-of-hospital and hospital environment.


We are establishing a balanced healthcare ecosystem with the most conducive conditions for health & healing.


We are realising a balanced healthcare ecosystem,
with a philosophy of peace,
with progressive solutions in medicine, science & technology.


We exist to design healthcare around people.

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