Month: <span>May 2020</span>

middle aged man sleeping

Avoid Doctor Waiting Rooms and Hospitals By Improving Sleep

Although all doctors have put in strict measures at their practices to avoid patients with suspected COVID-19 from sitting around in waiting rooms it is still a good idea to limit your visits to medical rooms or hospitals unless absolutely necessary. Social distancing is much harder to do in a medical environment too, so avoiding hospitals is important unless absolutely necessary. Poor sleep can contribute to you having to visit a doctor more regularly.

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man wearing a mask during coronavirus pandemic

Amid COVID-19 Is Sleep Still A Priority?

Sleep is critical. All we have to fend off COVID-19 is our immune system – those are the cells that attack any foreign object in order to protect us. The other part of the immune system comprises of antibodies and no one has inbuilt antibodies against this virus because it is brand new. So it’s up to our own immunity until a vaccine can be developed in the future. 

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How to Test for Sleep Apnea During COVID-19

Right now, and probably for the next year at least, we want to avoid hospital admissions if the tests we require can be done at home. While doctors diagnose and manage COVID-19 that doesn’t mean that you must not look after your general health, particularly if you suffer from diabetes or insulin resistance or any type of cardiovascular disease.

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I Wake Up Exhausted- Should I Worry About Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders with 25% of adults worldwide and 50% of cardiovascular disease patients …

man sleeping and snoring

Why Do We Use the Itamar WatchPAT for Home Sleep Apnea testing?

Let’s start by understanding that, in general, sleep apnea refers to the halting of breathing during sleep. There are two …

Key consideration when choosing a CPAP Mask

The choice of your CPAP mask is possibly the most important decision to be taken in CPAP therapy. There are many vendors …